Heres a true story about how i raged b/c of club nintendo.

I put in my pokemon Y code and my brother gives me his but he has pokemon Y also so i can't put it

i call club nintendo about making a family account so i can use multiple codes from the same game.

they say i can't make it b/c i am 13 and not 18 so basicly i would have had to have my mom or dad make a family account before to add mine so i could use codes from the same game. and now i will ever get 500 coins to get the limited stock of 3ds XL charging cradle that comes out on halloween.

the conclusion is that why the fuc do i need my freakin' parent to make a family account i mean seriously they wouldn't even do it because it wastes their time and they don't know how so now am stuck a extra Y code and another Y code and a rumble blast code.


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