If YOU want to challenge me my name is SoraIndigo on it to look for it easier click and hold CTRL+ F and type my name in the box. If it says 0 out of 0 then am not on

wins: 51

Against Dmal:

Against Clutter:

Against Droct:

Against Droct (rematch):

Against Soul Burn:

Against PURPLE123454321:

Against PURPLE123454321(rematch):

Against PURPLE123454321(another rematch):

Against SuperBRB:

Against Scottzar:

Against PURPLE12345654321(same as the other purple):

Against PURPLE12345654321:

Against xRyo:

Against fdfdg:

Against PURPLE12345654321:

Against arriannekono:

Against TiTeRe95 :

Against Orangtango:

Against Kuroa:

Against The Blue Midget:

Against GeneralUile:

Against egtrtg:

Against GingerMagician:

Against u23tech:

Against Ariisacat:

Against Jeanesse:

Against Kuroa:

Against nznznz:

Against gavingun99:

Against sunslicer2:

Against Gamefreak776:

Against Kunming wolfdog:

Against Kimmithy:

Against Ultimatelink:

Against Das ein:

Against Marl:

Against jerichoholic:

Against Kirby000:

Against Zoroark 32:

Against Kuroa:

Against Incursio:

Against Kuroa:

Against Pachirisu+Emolga:

Against Kuroa:

Against Lord Kelvin:

Against Kuroa:

Against Kuroa:

Against Kuroa:

Against Kuroa:

Against Kuroa:


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