Pokemon Mystery Universe also known as PMU is a online pokemon game that works like the PMD games.

to find the game you must go download the installer from here ->

There are a couple a bugs that they are trying to fix so be patient about it

This blog is to show about the controls of the game and how to play it: 

Movement: Arrow keys

Run: Hold Shift to run

Regular Attack: f key

Pokemon moves: hold down either  W, A, S, or D keys and then press f to use the move

Talking to NPCs: press f, then enter to continue the text

ESC to go to menu/Exit Menu or options

Enter to open up some commands when on the menu or situations in the game like when you are at the job board/area requiring the use of hm/saying yes or no.

Local Channel lets you talk with people in the area with you like people you are with in a dungeon or town

Guild Channel you talk you only your guild members

Global you talk with everyone in the game

In the game there are Commands that you can use using the chat box such as:

Status 2.0

< Pming someone    Changing your status(only 10 letters)>                                                                   


<Creating a party(Just Replace create with leave if you want to leave the party)                   Joining a party(be right next to the person you are joining)>

Leaving house

Setting a Healing Bed to spawn upon death
Set houses

<Leaving a house


<Trade(have to be next to the person)

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