In the recent Pokemon Smash, a whole thing happened where someone dressed up as Sylveon reacted to different objects, which pertained to types. (Ex: Broke block of ice = Strong to ice)

Quoted from the Bulbagarden Facebook page, "During the Eevee-Akiyama friends segment of Pokémon Smash earlier today, it was heavily implied that Sylveon is strong against Ice types, and weak against Poison types."


"For those who haven't seen the segment, it had the team (cosplaying as Eeveelutions) trying to figure out Sylveon's type. First, Shoko (playing Sylveon) pulled out some Nunchucks....but then got shoved inside a drum by a big burly guy, implying Sylveon is not a Fighting type, and in fact is probably weak to them. Next, she broke a block of ice. Akiyama and the others suggested that she may be a Steel type as a result of these two results, and decided to test the idea. The method they came up with? Seeing if she resisted Poison by having her put her head in a box and expose her to some really bad smelling items. That...didn't work out so well for Shoko. Not clear if that was meant to imply Poison was super effective, or that it was just effective, but at least it was clear that Sylveon lacked the Poisin immunity of Steel.".

I'm sure Pokemon Smash wouldn't have made such a big part on Sylveon's type if it was just an old type.

What do you think about this?

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