Basically think of this as well, A pax personal... no this is not in the game this is just a funny idea i came up with while with some friends today so i figured i would make basically a character with moves, and such that would fit into pax.

Like i said it is NOT real. ( Well the thing being in game aint real slenderman yea he is always watching though )

Persona: Slender Man

Type: ??? ( ??? is a actual typing )

Health: 950-1000

Weakness/Advantage: Poison is super effective, Ghost/Psychic/Dark do half, and all other do regular. Does not have any advantages other then immunity to freeze inducing attacks.

Height: N/A ( His body can shrink back in forth in legend so height can be practically anything )

Weight: N/A

Species: Slender Being

Origin: Myths and Legends through which he was born into this world.

Other known names: Him, It, The White King, The Operator, Slender, Slendy, The pale one, Thing, Faceless...

RobloxScreenShot05122013 192249316


Static - Getting near will cause the player to lose their direction skills, and slowly lose health. ( When "Master" is in use lose of health goes by 15 hp instead of the normal 5 but only to those in a certain radius ) ( 15 hp - 5-10 sec )

Fear - Impairs one's vision as the user comes closer to the enemy.

Game - 8 pages are scattered throughout the map during this time user will be able to use its special ability unless all pages are collected by other users or time limit runs out.


Teleport - Instantly able to move to and from any spot in mere moments.

Touch - Drains health from target suddenly at an alarming rate, But impairs users vision for brief time.

Gaze - Anything within certain radius loses its visual capabilites.

Slash - Cuts opponent with tentacle, Does low damage but reloads fast.

Master ( Special ) - During this time the user gains all abilites and a faster speed, but loses its attacks simply having to rely on the destructive power of its abilities. ( This move can only be activated if the users current ability is "Game" and has a 6 minute time limit after which a 8 minute reload time.

End Game ( Secret Special ) - Server turns to night and darkness falls upon all as everyone slowly dies. Can only be activated once per-hour.

Hunger - Unlike normal pokemon slender will instead kill to feed himself need to kill at least one person every 15 min to keep himself alive.

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