Alright so i will start off by stating that this blog will be updated at various different times with many different subjects and such. This mainly is just a place for me to speak freely about my cosplaying and other such things like it. If there are any questions anyone has please free free to ask them in the comments or pm me ill get back to you when i can.

Current Blog ( Feb, 5th, 2013 )

So i have currently decided to go to Shuto-Con 2013, I am planning to go as the "Male Version of the Witch from Left4Dead2, Most likely if my brother does go he will go as the "Hunter" also from L4D2.

Now over the course of time i will update this blog with my current completion of the two cosplays starting with my ideas on how i will make my costume the male witch, First for the claws as seen in the earlier picture i intend to use this method for making them along with a few other adjustments and such. I would will also be visiting a thrift shop and a art shop to get the stuff needed to make this cosplay ( Hot glue, Paint, Clothing, etc ) First off i am gonna buy a hoodie and then comes the fun part of messing that up to the point it looks like it just came out of the zombie apoc., To add to that i will most likely have to use actual pants instead of shorts since its winter and even if the con is in april ( 5th-7th ) it will most likely still be cold out. ( Will Continue Later... )

Due to money issues all plans for shuto-con had been changed and ended up not going.

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