Fun Stuff

Ash has announced that him and misty once went on a date...a Play Date.

Nurse Joy was seen at a local grocery store buying eggs...She is now being sued by several Chansey...

In Ireland there was a major rainstorm which washed away several children and their Pikachu. Kyogre and Politoad are now on house arrest.

The remains of an old plant have been found near Twinleaf Town but it turns out it was just a Lileep playing in the mud.

Cynthia finnally reveals that her Garchomp has given birth to an egg...The Gible apparently being an odd color. Cynthia continues to tell docters it's a "shiny" Pokémon but they say that its impossible because it's not "shiny"...

The Daily Mind Fawk

Apparently there have been several Poké posts on PokéBook about a lost trainer...Its Pokémon Psyduck is currently looking for it...

Pokéblox creator cosmonova reveals that she will be changing her gender to become a boy so she see what its like to use a mens bathroom in which she dropped her glasses when she was originally first a boy...then she reveals she will change back to a girl...does that make her an It? Maybe thats where Pokémon where Metagross come from...

Srg announces he loves Pie.

Local Weather

Mild but sunny in Kanto.Still snowing in Johto.Hoenn residents have switched with eachother, Those experiancing the flooding went to the drought and those experiancing the drought went to the flooding.Those experiancing the Tornados went wherever they were flung.Sinnoh had some diamond dust but not the way you think...Palkia beat up Dialga and made him shit daimond dust accross the sky for stealing her poptart.And Unova has raining Magikarp....
File:OH FAWK.png

Pachi's Pick

Today I went to Azelfs Amusement Park and the rides were great...Especially the rollercoaster named "Swoosh" it goes so fast I swooshed a little in my mouth. The Carnival part was great too I got to see Mr.Mimes, Mime Jr.'s and even a new Pokémon Mrs.Mime who will appear in the 6th generation...Or be scrapped again.

Emolga's Errands

Today I had to take my dogs Lillipup and Poochyena and Growlithe out...Lillipup and Poochyena pooped and Growlithe left some coal...Now I feel bad for the bad kids when Delibird Claus comes...

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