• NOP Man

    Aarron1 is not responsible for any riots which may occur during these Episodes. Read at your own discretion

    Here, we inspect a wild Brabrabra in its natural habitat. Generally a species of solitude, they prefer not to be disturbed. They can become extremely violent when annoyed, and the main cause of annoyance is idiots such as the Purplechuwawa species. It is recommended that when you venture through PAX, you bring an Espeon for when in the line of fire of an enraged Brabrabra, your best course of action is to shout "Espe!" and release the Espeon. The word attracts them greatly and will soon get the Brabrabra off your tail... And onto two others.

    Join us next week, as we inspect a wild Rachelalpha.

    snarky comments hurr hurr

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  • NOP Man

    I was thinking

    June 7, 2013 by NOP Man

    Just get like

    a bunch of people

    Me, Mike, Srg, DR, anyone who wants to really

    and do some livestreams (PAX Group is advertisement) at random times where we muck around doing... things

    I don't know, making a world on a Personal Server

    and be idiots the whole time

    and get speech jammers or moderators or shet to make it more interesting

    and don't give me explosions


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  • NOP Man

    Illegal Login

    June 1, 2013 by NOP Man

    Well, somebody has illegally logged in to my Account and removed me from all my groups, deleted my blurb and forced my Account to join -=[Spetsnaz]=-

    Report it now.

    I don't even remember all of my Groups so I can't rejoin them.

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  • NOP Man

    Location: Route 4

    On every weekday.

    Warning: My naming methods are bizarre.

    Current Team:

    Serroot "Serz" (Servine) F

    Apollo (Emolga) M

    Heise (Chandelure) M

    Aki (Dragonair) M

    Pikorque (Dewott) M

    Nelmi (Glaceon) M

    Boxed (nicknames not present):

    Seviper, Silcoon

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  • NOP Man

    "Youngster Pi would like to battle!"


    "You chose Snivy, that means the leader will use Fire-types...

    Have a Silcoon!

    It can use Water-type moves, I think!"

    "Team Plasma Jimmy would like to battle!

    Forever alone

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