aka Jinx

  • I live in My city England
  • I was born on May 11
  • My occupation is some girl takin' on the world
  • I am Whichever one i feel like on tumblr
  • Jinx666

    Hey guys its Jinx

    This blog is about what pokemon you could use for battles, pokemon hunting, rp etc 

    lets start and feel free to put your own pokemon to use


    BEEDRILL: quite fast, probably good at playing villain in rps, but its best bit is for battling. Its special move Poison jab  can hit the enemy very hard and also may leave a poison on the foe. it also reloads very quick.

    ACCELGOR: Good moveset, ok at rp, but best bit is the speed. Accelgor is the second fastest pokemon on PAX (after ninjask apparently) and could get pokemon twice as fast than a normal pokemon

    DUGTRIO: Very fast, perfect moveset  with dig and earthquake, very hard to catch and get to in battles.

    GARCHOMP: Fast, good attacking pok…

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  • Jinx666


    March 16, 2013 by Jinx666

    Since the hunger bar had been updated on PAX

    Thing were very good

    ,but on every server on PAX i hear at least oe person say "i hate the new hunger bar" "hunger bar y u make me faint" "hunger bar is so annoying".

    now im not complaining here but i want to see what u guys think either

    Hunger Bar should be deleted

    More berries trees and food should appear all around the map 


    We should leave it as it is.

    What do u guys think?

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