You guys might already know that i am doing 8-bit art on Sandblox. For those who didn't know: now you do ! So i decided to make this Blog about my Work :) PS: I AM TAKING REQUESTS :P
RobloxScreenShot03272013 220738637

Tailow Family

RobloxScreenShot03222013 003317582

Mario - Link - Peach - Yoshi - Mega Man - Sonic - Kirby - Boo

RobloxScreenShot03222013 002712834

Link - A Link to the Past (LoZ)

RobloxScreenShot03222013 003132288

Pikachu - Charmander - Squirtle - Bulbasaur - Celebi - Mewtwo - Cyndaquil

RobloxScreenShot03272013 213133338


RobloxScreenShot03222013 191457246

Miku Hatsune - Vocaloid


RobloxScreenShot04012013 072419735

running pikachu (unfinished cause of retarded roblox)

RobloxScreenShot04012013 061909517

Dalek (reqeusted by Droc)

RobloxScreenShot04062013 000051901

added pit (kid icarus) to my nintendo charackters

RobloxScreenShot04012013 051315802

Blaine (huge shitload of work)

RobloxScreenShot04062013 004333000


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