This page will be continuously updated after each time a Pokemon update occurs. 


All Pokemon that will be released in the next update(s) and their progress will be listed here. The point of this list is just for me to keep track of what to add. And for people who want to know what'll be added soon. No special Pokemon here.

Note that this list will also state who made the model, unless it's made by me. 

Priororities List

  • Voltorb- Unfinished
  • Electrode- Unfinished

"...Maybe later" List

  • Sylveon- Finished, by blablabla10
  • Meowth- Finished, by Saikounu
  • Persian- Finished, by Saikounu
  • Hoothoot- Finished, by Saikounu
  • Noctowl- Finished, by Saikounu
  • Murkrow- Finished, by doomero
  • Honchkrow- Finished, by doomero
  • Chingling- Finished, by doomero
  • Chimecho- Finished, by doomero
  • Shuckle- Finished, by Saikounu
  • Steelix- Finished
  • Mewtwo- Finished
  • Heracross- Finished, by Zimio2
  • Natu- Finished, by doomero 
  • Xatu- Finished, by doomero
  • Tauros- Finished, by parky43536
  • Skorupi- Unfinished, by deltav
  • Drapion- Unfinished, by deltav
  • Black Kyurem- Unfinished
  • Therian Thundurus- Unfinished
  • Therian Tornadus- Unfinished
  • Mudkip- Finished
  • Marshtomp- Unfinished
  • Swampert- Unfinished
  • Mewtwo- Unfinished
  • Genesect- Unfinished
  • More

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