Coming soon!

Note: This will be a loose 'sequel' to Pokemon Arena X. However, unlike PAX, it will be made on a different game engine. In other words, it won't be made on Roblox.


-Actual Pokemon 3D models. (Unlike how PAX and its prequels had Roblox blocky/meshy models, this game will have REAL 3D meshes (Better graphics!).) This also means better animations and realistic moves/effects.

-Customize Option. (Dressing up how your Pokemon looks)



-Singleplayer Mode: Story-styled. Also main way of unlocking content.
-Multiplayer Modes(Online):
   -(Pending name): Basically like PAX.
   -Tournament: Self-explanatory.

-More to come.

Basics demonstration:

MMMPROJECT V2 Update 100:47


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