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Wiki Update

Good news. The wiki now supports imgur. So simply paste the link of an imgur image and it will magically appear. No upload hassle needed. Furthermore, the wiki theme has been changed to something more spooky O_O' If you dont like the wallpaper, because I don't, then find another good halloween pokemon wallpaper. 
Furthermore, there is a newfeature on the wiki called Wikia Maps where you can design your own map and with pin marks that links to other pages on the wiki, such as towns. I think this is a great addition to the wiki that we could use later on in the future, as we can design an interactable map of the new "The Time is Nearing..." game with bullet marks everywhere. 
http://pokemon.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Maps/1505  (very incomplete)
Hover over a town and it will give you a small detail and a link to the wiki page. 
Now here is a creepy watercolor Espurr.
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Chat Room Meet-Up

It has been quite a while since the chat room actually got much use so i figured why not have a meet up and discuss things such as the new trailer and the closed beta that will be releasing soon...
When: Tomorrow ( June 10th ) and Thursday ( June 12th )
Time: Any time during the day, feel free to drop on in and chat for a while!
Topics: New Trailer, Closed Beta, Official Release, CAMP Project, Ancient Devolution, and Possible future Mega Evolutions.
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CAMP Board Temporarily Down

The Custom Mega Evolutions forum board is closed from new threads as of today. Nobody is allowed to create new threads of any kind in the board, but posts can still be made to existing threads. It will be back soon in the future.
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Wiki Revamp

The wiki is currently undergoing massive change for the new game. Pages about the previous game will be removed or changed. Expect some new things to happen.
This post will be updated to request help when it is needed.
Post suggestions for any changes here.
Also, vote for theme:

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})Wiki theme?  Squirtle Squad- (light) blue and black color scheme, Squirtle Squad in background 2 Mewtwo- gray and purple color scheme, Mewtwo in background 1 Dunsparce- (light) yellow and blue color scheme, Dunsparce in background 3 Kyurem- gray and ice blue color scheme, Kyurem in background 0 Xerneas- white and blue color scheme, Xerneas in background 0 Yveltal- black and red color scheme, Yveltal in background 0 Zygarde- black and green color scheme, Zygarde in background 0 The poll was created at 02:51 on February 4, 2014, and so far 6 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
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Building Pokemon- New Rule

A new rule has been added. Effects except sparkles have to be made from actual parts(you can still add the effect object afterwards) in order to maintain consistency with models.
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Pokemon X and Y Tournament

Tournament dates:
-Nov. 16, 6:00 PST/PDT- Doubles 1v1 -OVER
-Nov. 22, 5:00 PST/PDT- Doubles 2v2
I will be hosting wifi tournaments for Pokemon X/Y on the above dates. 
The rules for the tournament is no special legendaries like Xerneas or Mewtwo, and Pokemon over lv. 50 will be set to 50.
To sign up, list your name here with your 3DS friend code.
Check this page for list of participants:
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Comments Removal

The next step to a more organized wiki would probably be to remove the comments section in article pages. Discussion would be moved to the forums. This way, we won't have two different pages for discussion on each article and it'll be easier to read through.
The comments will be disabled at the end of this week(11/10).
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Pokemon Showdown Tournament

This is similar to the KIU tournament, but accessible to almost everyone. I'll be hosting a Showdown tourney and anyone can participate.
If you didn't know, Pokemon Showdown is a Pokemon battle simulator where you can customize your own team and test out creative strategies.
Link: play.pokemonshowdown.com
There will be a tournament for OU, Uber, and Random formats. You can sign up for all of them if you'd like, but space is limited(unless people don't sign up). Remember to include your Showdown name and which formats you're signing up for.
Tournament times (subject to change):
OU: 10/11/13, 5:00 PST/PDT -Ended
Uber First Round: 10/18/13, 5:00 PST/PDT
Uber Second Round/Semi-finals - Finals: 10/19/13, 5:00 PST/PDT
Random Battle First Round: 10/25/13, 5:00 PST/PDT
Random Battle Second Round/Semi-finals - Finals: 10/26/13, 5:00 PST/PDT
1. mike12833 (Kuroa)
2. SoraIndigo
3. LightningfireNinja
5. Meowmix991 (koplopses)
6. Scrap10
1. mike12833 (Kuroa)
2. SoraIndigo
3. Parahaxftw (Mudkiplover)
4. VetoxRevolution (DigitalX)
5. LightningfireNinja
7. midgetman0001 (The Blue Midget)
8. rachetalpha
9. Scrap10
10. Munk556 (Fear Alive)
11. Lowsupersonic572 (MegaIdentification)
1. mike12833 (Kuroa)
2. SoraIndigo -WINNER
3. Parahaxftw (Mudkiplover)
4. blablabla10 (Mirai no Tenshi)
5. VetoxRevolution (DigitalX)
6. LightningfireNinja
8. rachetalpha
There are no specific rules, just remember to prepare a good and legitimate team unless you're in random only. While each battle is occurring, everyone who isn't battling that round will spectate.
The winner of each tourney will receive a special prize in stuff.
You can view the tourney stats here: 
OU: http://challonge.com/Paxtourneyou
Uber: http://challonge.com/Paxtournyuber
Random: http://challonge.com/Paxtournyrandombattle
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New wiki colors!

With generation 5 (unova) being over, we need a new color scheme for the wiki. 
I've experimented with some different shades of red and blue but cant find a good one ;(
Maybe pink for the introduction of fairy type....
"Base it on Fairy Type if you're so picky"--Aarron1
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I got this from ROBLOX in response to my appeal:
"SomeRandomGuysrg WEEGEE

We have received your email regarding the moderation action against your account. appeals@roblox.com handles moderation inquiries only. If you have another issue please email info@roblox.com.
Please allow up to 72 hours to receive a response regarding your ban. Make sure you have included the following information to have your ban reviewed:
-A brief statement why you are appealing your ban
-Link to [Content Deleted] item or group
-Description of original [Content Deleted] item or group name
Please note that we will only discuss moderation actions against accounts that are yours. We may request that you write to us from the billing or verified email address to prove ownership. You cannot contact us about an account that does not belong to you. Please have the owner of the account contact us directly.
Moderation actions that were issued more than 21 days ago will not be lifted or reviewed. Multiple appeals against the same ban will not be responded to. You only need to contact us once about any particular ban.
If you just have a suggestion about how to improve our Moderation system, please make sure to include your user name for any follow up questions.
As an added note please be respectful when emailing us, no matter what the situation may be. We are here to help but the same rules apply here as they do in ROBLOX. Yelling in all caps, spamming, profanity, threats, etc. in your emails will result in increasing your ban time or even your account being deleted.
Thank you,
It's been over 72 hours already and nothing happened.
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Mike is fired from Frontier Brains.

Reason: I told him to make a sprite of a giant ass, and he refused, so I fired him for not making a sprite of Sora.
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Cleaning up the wiki.

SUMMARY: There are a lot of files we don't use, or need on the wiki. Lets delete them. Here is how.
1. Click here
2.. Scroll down to each picture and to the next page. Look for a picture that doesn't have the "Posted in" label under it. 
3. When you find one, click on it. Then click on the picture's name in the top left corner in blue. It should take you to a new page.
4. At the bottom where it says, "Add Category", click it. 
5. Type in "Delete". This must be capitalized and exactly like that (without quotes).
6. Once you type in delete, hit the Enter or Return key. Press save.
7. Done!
You have marked this picture for deletion! The picture will be nuked as accordingly when I come online and press the detonations.
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Meme Overflow.

We are messing the point of a wiki. The point of uploading a file to a wiki is to upload stuff that will help contribute to the wiki's topic. It's not an alternative to sites such as imageshack.
Take this post by Dro for example. Thread:7927#16 That picture will only be used only once in that page, and never again. He could have simply pasted the picture's link. Yes, he may be saving us 2 seconds from clicking the link to open it, but he spent like 10 seconds, downloading it, uploading it, and adding it to the page.  Just post the direct link or they will remove the file upload ability on the wiki, ok? -.- Apply the direct link like this: Thread:8179. See how i posted a picture on image shack and the wiki instantly shows it?(works only on compatible sites such as imageshack of photobucket)
Also, this is the page that shows all recent uploads to the day the wiki was made. Delete every meme posted on the wiki--with the exception of blogs--yes, i'm being lienent *stares at sora*
If you want us to see a picture immediately, without clicking on the link, upload it to image shack or photobucket and post the direct link. Since the wiki is compatible with both sites, the picture will immediately appear, instead of a link.

Long story short:
Upload stuff relevant to PAX from now on, like what all wiki's do--yes, you can post whatever you want on your blogs. This is a gift from me--just make sure the picture obey's Wikia's picture policy-- because Sora will act feisty again.
Delete the Meme's, not on a blog, already on the wiki. Yes, some of you upload a meme just to post the link to the wiki chat. It's never even used in a page!!! Remove all meme's from non-blogs!!
If you are uploading something to a blog, you are limited to a set amount of pictures that can be on a blog. So no grabbing every meme on the wiki and posting it on your blog to prevent it from being deleted. Shall we post only direct links instead?
Post the picture's direct link from now on, instead of uploading it. There is a reason why we can't have emoticons on the wiki.
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how do you get lugia
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Didn't know that updating the Main Wiki page would delete the votes. Sorry guys.
Just vote again.
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New YouTube Channel (coming soon!)

This shall be for data purposes, guides on how to use certain pokemon correctly to help newbies, and most importantly, for SCIENCE! I am giving user and password to srg for now, if you pm me, srg and I will see if you are trusted enough, if you are, we will send you message with the password.
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~~Introducing chat hacks~~

Basic Overview
Chat hacks is a script that lets you do stuff in the chatroom such as: */me

force an /afk status
clear the chat log /(clear)
Have a ping sound whenever someone says your name(can be defined by hovering over "ping phrase at the top left corner of room once enabled_ #Make multiway PMs,
and more!

Chatrooms will open up from a new tab instead of a new window. This may be good for some of you.
It's completely safe. "Chathack" is merely a name. Not a hack whatsoever, e.g., Jailbreak.
1) Click here. It shall open up a page to another wiki. This wiki is the mother wiki that links every single wiki together, e.g., Justin Bieber wikia, Pokemon Wikia, Yu-Gi-Oh wikia, SCP Wikia, etc.
2. Click "Create"
3. Paste this code into the blank page. Then save it.
/* Monchomans chat hacks */
importScriptPage('User:Monchoman45/ChatHacks.js', 'c');
4. Clear your cache. Here are instructions how (depending on your browser)
Internet Explorer: hold down the Ctrl key and click the Refresh or Reload button, or press Ctrl+F5.*
Firefox: hold down the Shift key while clicking Reload; alternatively press Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl-Shift-R.
Opera users have to clear their caches through Tools→Preferences
Konqueror and Safari users can just click the Reload button.
Chrome: press Ctrl+F5 or Shift+F5

If you do use Internet Explorers, get a real browser, seriously. It's glitchy and laggy.
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All paranthesese from Pokemon names have been removed! You no longer have to say (pichu). Just pichu. Furthermore, certain emoticons have been animated. animated Pokemon include popular ones such as ralts, yamask (I actually chose this one due to favor), uhmm...
Kyurem's alternative forms have been added!
bkyurem and wkyurem will both show them.
Generation 6 (chespin froaxie, fennikenn (dunno how to spell it) hae been added). 
lady gaga and purple emoticon have been added too! and much moar!
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I fixed the wiki name! Yay!

From now on, the wiki will be known as Pokemon Arena X Wiki and not Pokemon arena x wiki. Capitalization error there. --Coog
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Badge system DISABLED!

I blame m27frogy!! Won't be back till I resolve things or so.
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